Press Release

Wyatt Niehaus: ‘Lights Out 2014 Interiors - Germany/Italy/UK’
July 12 - August 24
Opening Reception Saturday, July 12 6-8PM


Retrospective is pleased to present Wyatt Niehaus' Lights Out 2014 Interiors - Germany/Italy/UK

"This industry is always looking forward. We're always talking about what's next, whether it's the car coming, next year, or sometime in the next decade. No car company can afford to let a product stagnate, even if it means just adding a few new paint options every year to change things up. With so much unrelenting change flowing across showroom floors every year, it's easy for some cars to get lost in the crowd." - Motor Trend Magazine

In this recent series of c-prints, Niehaus modifies renderings of luxury car interiors, dimmed and glowing red. The images are both stylized, fetish objects, and representations of the advanced ways in which sophisticated technologies impose themselves on dated perceptions of labor and industrialization.

The exhibition will run concurrently with a show of new works by Nick Darmstaedter at 727 Warren St.