Press Release

Violet Dennison : ‘Tears on my Mirror Milk’
July 11 - August 9, 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 11, 6–8PM


Retrospective is pleased to present, Tears on my Mirror Milk, an exhibition of works by Violet Dennison.

Behold a fountain of confused feelings. Loose water drips eternally down the hooves of a frightened beast, surging through the mouth of a screaming fish. It urges her to be! “And yet to disappear...” Now looking deep into the dark waters, an expanding ripple reveals HER: a sad dumb cloud pinned behind a steeple, tears falling from the sky in the form of rain. “Do desperate lonely fools find their place on this earth?” Meanwhile, the filthy parody of herself ran through town.

**Oh Woe is me. Eating cold cuts on the floor. I guess its not so bad. The fruit is carved length-wise in quarters. How odd she thought to herself. Upon each bite the delicate tissue of my mouth is wounded. Blood and juice drips from her lips swollen with sorrow, mingling with the clumsiest of tears. What a selfish dream I once had…

I suppose it was then she became the monster he wanted me to be. But instead I envisioned a thousand laughing snakes crawling out of my head and when she was beheaded a powerful woman was born from my neck.

-(Oberschöneweide/Alexanderplatz. March, 2015)

This exhibition will run concurrently with an exhibition of works by Scott Reeder. The opening reception will be followed by a screening of Reeder's feature film Moon Dust (2014). The screening will take place promptly at 9pm at TSL, 434 Columbia St., Hudson, NY.