Press Release

Scott Reeder
July 11 - August 9, 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 11, 6–8PM
Screening at 9pm: TSL, 434 Columbia St., Hudson, NY


Retrospective is pleased to present, Context Burger, an exhibition of works by Scott Reeder. The exhibition will be followed by a screening of Reeder's first feature length film, Moon Dust (2014).

Other Possible Titles For This Show

Feeling in Dimension

Conversation with Pure Echo

Absent-minded Scarf of Innocence

Demoralized Impression of Broken Significance

Painted Theme from Mystic Creation

Cannibalism in Approach

Sunset and Aviator

Complex Victim

The Mechanism of Innocence

Hope with Dream

Memories of Blue Surface

Manufactured Conclusion

Peasant Desecrating the Left Corner

Still Life with Falling Cloud

The Jazz Wars

Furry Rights

Hardly Visible Self-Portrait with Pathological Component

Crippled Elegance

Vision of Three-Way Philosophy

Torqued Self-Portrait with Deeper Structure

Investigation of Lust

The Birth of God

Pencils Aren't Popular

Scott Reeder’s opening reception will be followed by a screening of his feature film Moon Dust (2014). The screening will take place promptly at 9pm at TSL, 434 Columbia St., Hudson, NY. Scott’s exhibition will run concurrently with an exhibition of works by Violet Dennison at 727 Warren St., Hudson, NY.