Press Release

Ross Iannatti
November 7th - December 20th, 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 7th, 6–8PM


Retrospective is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new works by Ross Iannatti. Security is a concept that has become the modus operandi of the Western world, whether exercised in plain-sight through overt measures or present as a matrix for which we cannot see, we understand its role as omnipresent. In Iannatti's earlier series, Hysteresis, in which the artist created paintings from salvaged airbags, the viewer is witness to a violent moment in stasis. As a trajectory from Iannatti's previous airbag works, a traditional quilt, handed down to the artist, hangs at the rear of the gallery. This quilt, much like the airbag, signifies an object that exists to grant its user with a sense of psychological security.

At the center of the gallery Iannatti has created a series of pedestals constructed from reclaimed building materials in a similar, improvisational, practical building style seen in the dilapidated buildings of the Southeastern United States, which influenced the quilt makers of Gee's Bend. Adjacent to these sculptures Iannatti will exhibit a series of wall mounted electro-chemically etched brass plates. Etched into each plate are images of flora. Much like a photograph or a collection of pressed flowers, sealant is placed on each plate in order to halt the deterioration process, freezing the image in time.

Iannatti's exhibition will run concurrently with Full-Sized Body, Erotic Literature, a solo show of new works by Chloe Wise at 727 Warren Street.