Press Release

Nicole Cherubini : ‘the love tapes’, a retrospective
January 9 – February 28, 2016

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 16, 6–8PM
Closing Reception and Catalog Release party: Saturday, February 27, 4-6pm


Hosted by Kristen Dodge

There is a dissonant chord that resounds through the hum…the earthenware has fused with the plastic bucket; a decorative, gaudy chain has been regurgitated from the depth of a ceramic pot…and our expectations of a pure distilling are slyly and subtly contaminated. It is at this moment that a marriage of incongruity is cemented and with an intermittent burst of color the film in the projector begins to hiss and burn, melting away into a celluloid puddle.

-Michelle Segre, excerpt from ‘the love tapes’ catalog

For years we have been talking about showing early works with recent works. We have been thinking about the art market and why new is better. We have been feeling the compressed space of external demands, and the limited space for more than a few. We have been wondering about women artists, and creating a disjuncture in primary narratives.

This show looks at an artist’s practice over an extended period of time. We do this without critical hindsight or foresight. We are not packaging the artist’s work into categories, nor inflating it with attractive trajectories, nor flattening it into a linear timeline. To invite further access to the artist’s practice, we have produced a 92-page catalog organized by things other than time. We have provided interpretations to fracture the priority of a singular perspective. Along with the featured artist Nicole Cherubini, we have included the voices of artists Francesca DiMattio, Jenny Monick, Katy Schimert, and Michelle Segre. The catalog extends backwards and forwards and ultimately intends to anchor the work with you, as you see it, now.

This exhibition will run concurrently with Ted Gahl, Hibernation Anxiety at 727 Warren Street.

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