Press Release

Nick Darmstaedter: ‘Removable Feast’
July 12 - August 24
Opening Reception Saturday, July 12 6-8PM


Retrospective is pleased to present new works by Nick Darmstaedter.

In “Removable Feast”, Darmstaedter expands upon his ongoing series of magnet paintings with modified freezers containing a variety of packaged ice creams to be consumed by the viewer. Presented along with dogs in life vests and backyard barbecues, the work speaks to the celebratory welcoming of summer.

In this recent body of work, Darmstaedter methodically arranges found magnets into fields of color and form. These clustered novelties recall painters' brushstrokes while evoking discrete emotional and cultural referents. The recognizable vernacular objects offer an entry point through collective nostalgia, that when arranged in a larger field also engage formal ideas of composition and color.

Both the magnet paintings and ice cream freezers speak to a binary between the refrigerator as a cold, utilitarian surface, and the iconic message board of the american nuclear family. Darmstaedter's work operates between sterility and familiarity in both setting and content, resulting in a kaleidoscopic view of American cultural signifiers.

The exhibition will run concurrently with a show of new works by Wyatt Niehaus at 711 Warren St.