Press Release

Michael Manning: ‘Wild Fusion: Vol. II - I Want To Believe’
April 19 - May 18 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 19, 5–7PM


Retrospective is pleased to inaugurate a new space at 711 Warren St. with an exhibition of work by Michael Manning.

WILD FUSION: Vol. II - I Want To Believe

May 24th - June 15th Opening Reception: Saturday May 24th 6-8PM 711 Warren St., Hudson, NY

"Stability is a concept best left in the 20th century," she said, sat in the amber glow of a designer filament light. She appeared cavalier but inside she was paralyzed by the freedom, by the possibility of a future where there was nothing before.


All anyone wants to do these days is "disrupt". What do we throw ourselves at when everything has fallen apart? Where do you put your heart when her SnapChats stop filling your inbox?

For his exhibition at Retrospective, and the second act of his extended project WILD FUSION, Manning will present a new series of paintings, videos and installations addressing the problems of navigating a networked world constantly and increasingly in flux. Manning lives and works in Los Angeles.

The exhibition will run concurrently with an exhibition by Gina Beavers at 727 Warren St.