Press Release

Michael Cline : ‘Psychic Driving’
September 26th - November 1st, 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 26th, 6–8PM


Retrospective is pleased to present, ‘Psychic Driving’, a solo exhibition of new works by Michael Cline. For this exhibition Cline will present paintings that begin with found organic objects such as branches, fragments of discarded wood, succulents, and vegetables. Staged on various surfaces, these objects become the scaffolding for an aggregation of other possessions. Cline’s orchestrated compositions collapse portraiture, landscape and still-life painting into one, creating an almost subconscious scene starring ramshackle accumulations.

In each painting there is a consistent repetition of living goods. Gourds, onions, and potatoes are scattered between fragments of wood, rocks, and plants. Amongst them are cut-outs of people, free floating body parts, comics, and scraps of paper. Together these items expose a landscape of American detritus, where remnants of things long forgotten in the backs of drawers and cabinets emerge to the fore and are reanimated.

The frequency for which discarded and tattered objects appear in Cline’s work reveals a behavior driven by waste that has long been, and continues to be, relevant to American culture. It’s almost as if Cline’s paintings are antiquated with their autumnal compositions and dated scraps of media. Yet in each work there is a sense of urgency that belongs to the present. A reminder presented by a collection of forgotten objects that continue to accumulate in the nooks of our homes. Cline’s body of work subjects the viewer to a long psychic drive along a highway filled with the stuff that we once thought lost and quotidian.

Michael Cline’s exhibition will run concurrently with, ‘Presidential Index’, an exhibition of new works by Sara Cwynar at 711 Warren St., Hudson, NY.