Press Release

Matthew Palladino
April 25 - May 31 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 25, 6–8PM


Retrospective is pleased to present new works by Matthew Palladino. For this exhibition Palladino expands on a series of wall-mounted reliefs. Presented as a series of panels, these handmade objects oscillate between many registers: the physical and the digital, the mundane and the uncanny, the tragic and the comic.

Palladino's new works juxtapose ancient forms of representation through the language of ubiquitous interfaces, striking a balance between automation and artistic experimentation. In each panel Palladino includes an assortment of casts made from molds of collected objects, captured in various fleeting states of being. Painted in vibrant colors, these iconic elements are repeated and arranged into elusive and discontinuous narratives that are in equal parts seductive and sinister.

The exhibition will run concurrently with a show of new works by Kate Steciw at 711 Warren St., Hudson, NY