Press Release

Gina Beavers: ‘Saturdate’
April 19 - May 18 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 19, 5–7PM


Retrospective is pleased to present Gina Beavers's


May 24th - June 15th Opening Reception: Saturday May 24th 6-9PM 727 Warren St., Hudson, NY

For her sculptural relief paintings, Gina Beavers makes use of an unending (currently 26,541,300) stream of food photographs uploaded to Instagram under the tag "#foodporn".
From this vast collection, Beavers selects images with strong "Da Vinci-an" compositions, intriguing ingredients, mystifying or amusing viewpoints, and novel framing. Recently she has sourced pictures created using photo collage apps such as "InstaCollage" or "Collage Maker" in which users arrange colored or patterned close-ups of their food within multi-windowed frames.

One image, studied via phone on a Sunday morning while lying in bed, had particular appeal in that it "recorded every course of the previous night's spectacular meal in gruesome detail." It was labeled by its creator with the tags "#love" and "#Saturdate". The latter, a recent addition to the lexicon of social media, demonstrates how users craft and quickly adopt a unique language in tandem with visual imagery, driven by an eagerness to broadcast their lives and connect with others.

The desire to both create a format to express oneself and quickly consume are at the heart of social media. For Beavers, these inclinations correspond directly to the practice of painting.

Beaver's show at 727 Warren St. will run concurrent with an exhibition by Michael Manning at Retrospective's new gallery space, 711 Warren St.