Press Release

Josh Mannis / Brian Rochefort / Mason Saltarrelli
March 14 - April 19
Opening Reception Saturday, March 14 6-8PM


Retrospective is pleased to present a group exhibition featuring new works by Josh Mannis, Brian Rochefort, and Mason Saltarrelli.

March 14th - April 19th Opening Reception Saturday, March 14th, 6-8pmSaturday, March 14th, 6-8pm 727 Warren St., Hudson, NY

Brian Rochefort's unedited 'gloop' sculptures represent a relentless material romance. These sculptures represent a blending of old and new ceramic techniques. These perfectly mis-informed hollow, ceramic vessels are at once complimentary to one another while each retains their own distinct composition and form. Each piece's surface, texture and sheen reflect and exuberance of possibilities that are experimented in combinations with the vessel as canvas or laboratory.

Mason Saltarrelli's paintings on paper reflect the intuitive relationship and processes of nature and human experience through a collaboration of the elements and the artist hand. Deeply sincere, these paintings resemble organic MTA-like maps conveying intuition as cartography.

Josh Mannis's detailed ink on paper drawings explore the intricacies that develop between bodies in close spaces. Each scene conveys a sense of allegory that is neither symbolic of the artist's personal experience nor representative of moral conventions. Mannis's characters situated within a certain crammed proximity share a vacant gaze that at once addresses the viewer while staring straight through them.

The exhibition will run concurrently with a show of new works by Jane Corrigan at 711 Warren St.